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GSLI will bring your literature to every show and represent your community to identified prospects at the show.

Going to a trade show can be expensive. Imagine paying to go to 6 shows per year. 

With GSLI’s Show Connect program, your community can be represented at least 6 trade shows each year.

In short, for less than the cost of a single show, GSLI will give you all of the benefits of 6 shows per year.

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Is this for you?

If your community values trade show prospects but has little or no trade show budget, our Show Connect Program is perfect for you.  At an average cost of $12,500 per trade show, you can see how the savings add up.  Imagine not having to deal with labor unions or the hassle of setting up the booth. Say goodbye to staying extra days to set up and tear down the booth or sending extra personnel so you can walk the floor. Finally, you also save money by not having to ship, order, or maintain your own booth. Don’t have the budget or time to travel to the shows? Don’t worry… We’ve got you covered. You’ll get the full trade show experience through our trade show report from all shows selected. These reports provide you all the details you need to follow up and start quoting the projects we identified.

Learn how you can be a part of GSLI Show Connect Program Today

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