Our Leadership

CEO Eric Kleinsorge, is one of the pioneers of modern Economic Development consulting, having been responsible training dozens of consultants, both as GSLI employees and through seminars and lectures.

GSLI was founded by Eric Kleinsorge to assist the Economic Development Community to more effectively market their areas to companies that were expanding or relocating. Some of his notable accomplishments include:

Speaking Engagements

GSLI principals and consultants have spoken at numerous economic development events all over the world.  Hosting a GSLI representative will provide your event with an expert in heavy industrial site selection and economic development work.
  • Florida’s Governors Economic Council.
  • American Economic Development Councils Annual Conference
  • Midwest Economic Development Councils Annual Conference
  • IOWA Economic Development Councils Annual Conference
  • OMAHA Recognized Professional Developers Tour
  • Oklahoma Department of Commerce’s Annual Conference

Interviews conducted to enhance the credibility of the organization:

Mr. Kleinsorge is recognized in over 110 articles as an industry expert and has conducted interviews with well-known figures including: George W. Bush, Colin Powell, Jay Leno, Jerry Jones, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Dell, and many more.

Mr. Kleinsorge is a Texas Tech Business and Advertising graduate and is the name behind the nation’s premier Economic Development portal, ed-link.net and the recently launched Choose Texas site selection campaign.

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