Questions regarding WEDA’S Prospect Marketing Programs

GSLI, Global Site Location Industries, is a full service economic development consulting firm. From marketing to lead generation, print media to online advertising, no other company can offer you the experience and depth of understanding that GSLI can.

No. That is what makes GSLI unique. We don’t charge the projects anything, ever. That means that the company gets to keep all of their incentive monies, does not pay GSLI a retainer, and is never charged anything by GSLI ever. All of GSLI’s financial support comes from supplying our members the finest services.

No. Anyone who makes a guarantee like that is lying. There is no way to guarantee that a company will come to your area, until they move the first box into a building. GSLI will guarantee that we will do everything humanly possible to get a company to land in your area. Period.

GSLI can be your right hand, the other person in your office. From handling all of your daily marketing to submitting your area on projects, GSLI can take care of things while you are taking care of working directly with potential projects.

Questions regarding WEDA’S Projects

We don’t set a project goal, we only work with the most qualified project leads

A qualified project must meet the following minimum criteria.

• The project must be creating at least 10 new jobs.
• The project must be looking for at least 10,000 sq. ft. of space.
• The project must be making their site location decision within 24 months.
• The project must be looking at a new location that is more than 100 miles from their current location.

ABSOLUTELY. Our Projects come to us from a variety of sources. These include Trade Shows, Internet, Personal Calls from our call center, Targeted Emails, Industry Surveys, Networking Events, and referrals. Every lead is directed to our Lead Qualification Manager who follows up and further researches each and every lead to ensure it passes our minimum criteria. Once it is qualified as a “Live Site Location Search” then it is passed along to our members for submission consideration. These Projects can be at different stages with WEDA.

These are:
GSLI EXCLUSIVES: These are Projects that are fully engaged with GSLI and using us as their main source for site location data and research.

GSLI PARTNER: These are Projects that are actively engaged with us but are also using a site consultant or doing some of their research on their own.

GSLI LIVE PROJECT: These are projects we have found to be doing their Site Location Searches but are using other sources exclusively. These projects are sometimes non-responsive to our team and therefore are typically handed off to members that want to engage with them directly.

67% of projects each year land or finalize their Site-Location decisions. In 2013, 64 of 112 of our projects made announcements. A total of 7,524 new jobs were created and 15.3 million square feet were secured. See full report here.

The average ROI on an investment of the GSLI Elite Prospect Marketing Program is $26,770 on an $8,500 investment. That is only considering the marketing, press releases, trade show savings, social media posts, micro-sites and project alerts. If one lands a location within their first year of the GSLI Elite then the ROI is over 800% return. Most clients realize that if they just land one project within 10 years they will have recouped every penny invested into the program (not counting the year-to-year benefit of marketing and exposure received).

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