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RFP 101: 5 Critical Components of a Standout Submission

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending hours reviewing, writing and submitting a response only to find out you lost another RFP opportunity. Your Economic Development Organization (EDO) puts time (if not hours) into each proposal. So, if your hard work isn’t paying off as often as it should, it may be a good time to explore what critical components make up a standout submission.

Behind every winning RFP response is an EDO team. And you’ve learned with years of experience, creating compelling and engaging proposals is a learned skill. Not only does it take time and practice, it also requires a bit of trial and error.

On GSLI’s next Master Series Webinar, we’ll discuss the top 5 critical components to a successful RFI. Based on our experience of reviewing thousands of proposals with corporate clients, we want EDO’s to walk away with a set of takeaways they can implement in their RFP response process. We will review submission packets and help you see into our RFP review

Looking to increase qualified lead flow, submission feedback and project conversations? We've got the solutions and we're ready to help.

Free Webinar – 5 Tips for Mastering Your Prospecting

Do you feel like your lead generation efforts have caused a loss in time, budget and resources for your organization? You are not alone! We understand the challenges EDO professionals face every day, and the need to proactively attract, engage and sell decision makers on your location. Since we work with both EDOs and projects, we’ve noticed a few common programmatic themes to successful lead generation and business attraction that we want to share with you. 

Join this webinar to master your prospecting and learn about our 5 tips and best practices we believe EDOs should implement for successful, long-term business attraction and lead generation in 2021.

GSLI’s CEO, Eric Kleinsorge, will moderate an insightful discussion of prospecting tips and best practices we’ve identified over 26 years of experience. He will be joined by GSLI’s Project Director, Brooke Edwards, and Project Manager, Ashley Kleinsorge, to discuss their successes and challenges with GSLI’s lead prospecting. 


Eric Kleinsorge
CEO / Chairman
Brooke Edwards
Project Director
Ashley Kleinsorge
Project Manager

GSLI hosts new Prospect Live Webinar with modular home builder seeking 30+ factory locations in rapid factory growth

Join GSLI for a discussion with Chief Growth Officer, Sharon Amezcua, and Director of National Expansion, Jonny Kuzdas, for S2A Modular, a company creating self-sustaining, custom smart residences and commercial buildings. This webinar was put together to help S2A Modular publicly discuss their project’s needs to local and state EDOs. During the free webinar, we’ll be asking the S2A Modular site location team very specific questions about facility needs to help EDOs formulate site proposals.

On this webinar, we will cover:

  • Key motivations and goals for the 35 new facility locations by 2023
  • Key site criteria needs
  • S2A Modular’s specific proposal needs, identifying “must-haves” vs “nice-to-haves”
  • Recently announced locations and the decision making process behind them

Company information: Project Energy Homes is searching the U.S. for multiple 15-20 acre, shovel ready properties for rapid construction of multiple factory locations over the next 2 years. The company is looking for multiple locations to construct structures totaling more than 250,000 sq ft at each location. These projects will employ 250 people and generate more than $80 million of economic impact at each location.


Sharon Amezcua
Chief Growth Officer
S2A Modular
Jonny Kuzdas
Director of National Expansion
S2A Modular
Brooke Edwards
Project Director
Ashley Kleinsorge
Project Manager

Free Webinar – 5 Ways to Land on A Project’s Short List

Have you ever spent hours forming a proposal without a clear understanding of what the project needs? Have you wondered if your proposal is competitive with other submissions? How do you know if your submission stands out among equally ideal areas? A poorly constructed proposal could quickly deter a busy CEO or site selector from reading past the first few pages. What will it take to understand the projects needs and craft an effective site proposal? What critical information must be provided? What wasted efforts and information is unnecessary in presenting your community in the best light?

GSLI’s Eric Kleinsorge will moderate this insightful discussion of site submission best practices. He is joined by panelists Ryan Vessell with Tyson Foods, Daniela Gallagher with SunCorridor Inc and Chris Schupp of NAI Robert Lynn.

By attending this webinar, you can expect to come away with:

• Best practices for submission packets to increase conversations with projects
• A set of action items to implement into your own response packet efforts
• Location decision making insight from a site selector at a Fortune 500 company

Date:  Thursday, November 5th, 2020
Time: 11 am-12 pm CST

PRESS RELEASE: Covid C.A.R.E. Response Program



GSLI Launches COVID C.A.R.E. Local Business Response Program for Communities.

DALLAS, TX (3/26/2020) – Global Site Location Industries (GSLI) is ramping up efforts in supporting local businesses and the domestic economy by utilizing a new set of tools found in its technology toolbox. Companies capable of adapting their technology through the crisis are doing so at a record pace as leading automotive giants are now churning out respirators instead of automobiles all while whiskey producers scramble to make hand sanitizer to help meet demand. GSLI is doing the same thing for local businesses.

“Responding to local businesses leaders’ questions and concerns will be more critical than ever now. Doing so effectively is a monumental task for many understaffed Economic Development offices, yet doing so will be the difference in local businesses keeping their doors open or closed and laying off hundreds or even thousands.  We’ve reengineered our Artificial Intelligence product to meet these demands,” stated Eric Kleinsorge, CEO and Chairman of Global Site Location Industries. 

The GSLI COVID C.A.R.E. (Coronavirus Automated Response Effort) Local Response Program takes a unique approach in supporting communities and their efforts in responding to local business concerns by utilizing AI response systems. This integrated system Records, Responds, Alerts, Prioritizes and Completes requests from local businesses that need information and answers from, many times, understaffed Economic Development offices. Instead of fearing this change, the GSLI team linked arms and stepped up to the challenge. From receiving requests and concerns to automated feedback, request prioritization, and system follow-ups, the GSLI Response Program offers an integrated system of checks and balances that captures every request.

“We have been in the business of helping communities attract new jobs and now it’s our turn to help communities keep these jobs,” Kleinsorge concluded.

To request information on how this program can help your business, please visit: LINK HERE or call (469) 778-2606.

About GSLI: ——————————————————————————–

Global Site Location Industries (GSLI) was founded in 1994 by Eric Kleinsorge with a very specific goal in mind: grow local communities while bringing business projects to life through strategic economic development partnerships. He is recognized in over 110 articles as an industry expert and has conducted interviews with well-known figures including: George W. Bush, Colin Powell, Jay Leno, Jerry Jones, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Dell, and many more.

Here at GSLI, not only do we support community branding, but we bring your community goals to life through a tailored approach attracting sustainable businesses and economic partnerships. We take pride in our reputation as an expert in assisting expanding and relocating companies partner with the nation’s finest communities throughout the nation. For more than 20 years, GSLI has been the premier partner of choice for communities – both big and small, looking to create a solid economic foundation primed for growth and success. GSLI boasts over 75 Site Location Expert offices nationwide and solid success rate in supporting the economic development community through our team of project managers, marketing gurus, web developers, and finance experts.