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Social Media: It’s All About Strategy

The explosion of social media is a gold mine, especially for EDOs.

Every EDO knows that their communities’ stories and needs are unique from one another. Social media blows the doors wide open for each EDC to reach those within and beyond their communities – especially site selection decision-makers.

GSLI’s latest Master Series webinar, Social Media – It’s All About Strategy, explored the 5 must-do’s of EDO social media, helped organizations understand how to leverage social media to increase ROI and provided applicable solutions to enhance your social media presence.

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RFP 101: 5 Critical Components of a Standout Submission

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending hours reviewing, writing and submitting a response only to find out you lost another RFP opportunity. Your Economic Development Organization (EDO) puts time (if not hours) into each proposal. So, if your hard work isn’t paying off as often as it should, it may be a good time to explore what critical components make up a standout submission.

Behind every winning RFP response is an EDO team. And you’ve learned with years of experience, creating compelling and engaging proposals is a learned skill. Not only does it take time and practice, it also requires a bit of trial and error.

On GSLI’s next Master Series Webinar, we’ll discuss the top 5 critical components to a successful RFI. Based on our experience of reviewing thousands of proposals with corporate clients, we want EDO’s to walk away with a set of takeaways they can implement in their RFP response process. We will review submission packets and help you see into our RFP review

Looking to increase qualified lead flow, submission feedback and project conversations? We've got the solutions and we're ready to help.

Free Webinar – 5 Tips for Mastering Your Prospecting

Do you feel like your lead generation efforts have caused a loss in time, budget and resources for your organization? You are not alone! We understand the challenges EDO professionals face every day, and the need to proactively attract, engage and sell decision makers on your location. Since we work with both EDOs and projects, we’ve noticed a few common programmatic themes to successful lead generation and business attraction that we want to share with you. 

Join this webinar to master your prospecting and learn about our 5 tips and best practices we believe EDOs should implement for successful, long-term business attraction and lead generation in 2021.

GSLI’s CEO, Eric Kleinsorge, will moderate an insightful discussion of prospecting tips and best practices we’ve identified over 26 years of experience. He will be joined by GSLI’s Project Director, Brooke Edwards, and Project Manager, Ashley Kleinsorge, to discuss their successes and challenges with GSLI’s lead prospecting. 


Eric Kleinsorge
CEO / Chairman
Brooke Edwards
Project Director
Ashley Kleinsorge
Project Manager

5 Ways To Land On A Project’s Shortlist

A poorly constructed proposal can quickly end your ability to talk to a project. Increase interest and conversations in your community’s assets with a competitive proposal! Watch our free webinar & learn insights, best practices and action items on how to land on a project’s short list.

Questions covered: 

Ryan Vessell, VP Of Innovation & Growth Strategy at Tyson Foods

  • What are 3 things you take into consideration when looking at a community’s proposal to your project
  • Should a community still submit a proposal even if they do not meet your project’s exact needs?  How important are incentives in your decision making?
  • Should communities present opportunities for cost savings in their proposals?

Daniella Gallagher, VP of Economic Development, SunCorridor Inc.

  • In your perspective, what are the top 5 things that need to be addressed in a response packet to a prospect? 
  • With some of the successful projects you have landed, or almost landed, what 3 things would you attribute to your ability to work the project?
  • You get a new lead. Briefly take us through your process of crafting a proposal for them.

Chris Schupp, Executive Managing Director, NAI Robert Lynn

  • While conducting market research for a site, what factors play into an EDC’s success in landing on your client’s short list? 

  • Do you typically ask for site proposals from a community? If so, what information is relevant for you to evaluate? 

  • How important are digital means to showcase buildings and assets compared to in person visits? Amid COVID-19 and beyond, is digital the new way to go? Why or why not?

Looking to increase qualified lead flow, submission feedback and project conversations? We've got the solutions and we're ready to help.