GSLI is the nation’s leading economic development consulting firm, with more experience than most of our competitors combined.

Mission Statement

 “We connect communities with expanding or

relocating companies that create jobs.”

About Us

Global Site Location Industries, LLC (Formerly known as the World Economic Development Alliance) is a Site-Location Firm that was founded in 1994. GSLI has helped over 1,200 companies identify Economic Development Professionals that could assist them with their site-location decisions. We have over 75 Site Location Expert offices nation-wide. We use a Project Qualification Team to conduct our initial interviews with companies to identify the viability of projects. The balance of our staff is Customer Service, Project Managers, Production, Web-Designer’s and Finance.

Our CEO Eric Kleinsorge, is one of the pioneers of modern Economic Development consulting, having trained dozens of consultants, both as GSLI employees and through seminars and lectures.

GSLI is your ‘one stop shop’ for everything your economic development organization might need.

All of our services are dedicated to a single focus: Economic Developers and their needs.


We have a Digital Design Team that can create anything from full websites to business cards, in record time.


We have a Lead Generation Team that scours public and private resources to discover companies that are looking to expand or relocate.


We have a dedicated Projects Team whose function is to help you articulate your needs and find solutions and take control of your project from start to finish.

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