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We’re a company’s direct link to available sites, incentives and community information.
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We’re leveraging 25 years of community partnerships to aid in a company’s site selection process.
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A proven solution for streamlined site and incentive location
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Our 25 years’ experience of connecting companies with communities will help streamline and improve your business-attraction efforts.
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Our communities receive 4X the return and results on every dollar they invest in our Prospect Marketing Program.

Who we are

GSLI is a multi-faceted service provider to both economic development professionals and expanding companies.

What we do

We do one thing and we do it very well. We connect expanding or relocating companies with professionals that can assist them..

How we do it

We connect these two groups for one reason – the creation of new jobs that will positively affect the economic growth of a community.

We've Been Busy Since 1994

Over the last 25 years, GSLI has identified projects that create economic impact for communities.
Projects Identified
New Job Created
$ 1.1 B
Total Capital Investment
4.2 M
Square Feet Needed

Meet A Few Of Our Projects

Prospect Live Webinars

Prospect Live – Project Minerals Rock

Meet Project Minerals Rock, a mineral exploration company that produces lithium hydroxide for use in electric vehicles and other lithium-ion batteries. Join GSLI’s CEO, Eric


Stop Searching... Start Working! Qualified Projects You Can Trust!

GSLI was designed to help ED Professionals spend more time engaging with legitimate and qualified leads. By leveraging 25+ years of experience in identifying projects and helping them successfully create jobs, our multi-facet approach helps economic development professionals work with more leads, faster and more often.

Using our portal as a database of new leads is just one of the many ways members improve and accelerate their conversations with expanding companies.


GSLI’s Prospect Generation Program delivers 100% qualified project leads, leverages your marketing dollars to maximize your success, and adds us an extension to your staff who serves as your eyes and ears in the business-attraction process. Invest today and start working projects tomorrow.

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Where Will Your Projects Come From?

GSLI runs a multi-faceted marketing program that focuses on 6 pillars of lead generation. Each pillar has key performance indicators they need to meet each year for total number of qualified projects.


Our staff dedicates the time to call and engage with projects we identify to determine the quality and level of engagement each and every lead wants to receive.

Internet Research

Our system is programmed to detect key word indicators on the internet that alert us to projects in various stages of their search. Thorough research and follow up is conducted once a warm lead is identified. 

Industry Lead Nurturing

Our Lead Nurturing System connects with 50,000 companies every month. We continually engage and nurture these companies until they are ready to “raise their hand” and discuss their new location opportunities.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are a horrible ROI for expansion leads, but are the best way to make face to face contact with numerous companies in key industry sectors. Our clients can attend these shows at no charge while our team identifies new project opportunities.

Magazine Advertising

Having our own magazine allows us to use this forum to educate companies about our services and run polls asking them about their expansion/relocation plans. Global Trade Magazine’s readers are US-based companies that do business globally. This industry sector accounted for 85% of the growth in the US economy. 

Internet Advertising

Our website is rated #1 organically on google and receives over 500,000 targeted visitors annually. This provides us the unique opportunity to conduct additional pools and surveys along with offering our services at no charge to our companies that have expansion or relocation plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

GSLI, Global Site Location Industries, is a full service economic development consulting firm. From marketing to lead generation, print media to online advertising, no other company can offer you the experience and depth of understanding that GSLI can.

No. That is what makes GSLI unique. We do not charge the projects anything, ever. That means that the company will not pay GSLI a retainer and is never charged a consulting fee, unless specifically contracted for incentive negotiations services. All of GSLI’s financial support comes from community member investments.

No. Anyone who makes a guarantee like that is lying. There is no way to guarantee that a company will come to your area, until they move the first box into a building. GSLI will guarantee that we will do everything humanly possible to get a company to land in your area. Period.

GSLI can be your right hand, the other person in your office. From handling all of your daily marketing to submitting your area on projects, GSLI can take care of things while you are taking care of working directly with potential projects.

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